Designers FAQ


  • The subscription begins according to the confirmation email from the shop, usually on the 1st of the month after next.
  • The participation confirmation email from the shop also contains detailed information about the images and product texts required, as well as an Excel list in which all products and their properties or variants are entered
  • The required material (images, texts, Excel list) should be sent to the shop at least two weeks before the start of the subscription
  • The EAN numbers that are requested in the Excel list are the article numbers of your products. If your products have any, you can send us this information, but it is not absolutely necessary.
  • The shop checks the material, creates the products and puts them online. As soon as the products are online, you will receive an email.
  • During the course of participation, the product selection can be adjusted at any time (availability of goods, variants, price changes, etc.) and additional products can be added. To do this, simply contact the shop by email or update us regularly yourself.


  • The subscription runs for at least 6 months and can be cancelled at the end of the following month after the minimum term has expired.
  • The subscription is paid monthly by direct debit. If you wish, the entire annual amount can also be paid at the beginning of the subscription. In this case, you will receive a 5% discount on the entire annual fee.


  • 3 months before, informally by email to
  • If you do not cancel, your subscription will automatically continue for another year.


  • The order is placed by the customer and you automatically receive a delivery note from Jetti by email.
  • You pack the parcel and send it directly to the customer.
  • The package should contain: The ordered product, the delivery note and, if possible, a personal note to the customer.
  • If you are based in Germany, please use our inventory management system Jetti to create a free shipping label, which also includes customs clearance. If you are sending furniture that requires a different shipping method (e.g. bulky goods), please contact us at .
    Please only generate the labels on the day of shipping, because when they are created a shipping notification will automatically be sent to the customer.
  • If you are shipping from Switzerland to Germany, simply send the package including the delivery note to our logistics company in Switzerland. We will take care of the rest (customs clearance, etc.).
  • In all cases, please enter the tracking data into our Jetti inventory management system. This is the only way we can provide good customer service. We reserve the right to charge fees after receiving a reminder if a designer repeatedly causes us additional work.

    These amount to:

    • EUR 5,- when our employees store shipment and tracking data in the merchandise management system 'Jetti'
    • EUR 5,- upon request by our staff, should the shipment be delayed without the designer contacting us independently
    • EUR 9,- when our employees deposit shipment and tracking data in the 'Jetti' merchandise management system, after previous contact by the end customer due to missing information about the delivery status, although the delivery is already delayed.


  • As soon as your products are online in our shop, you will receive an email with an invitation to our inventory management system Jetti.
  • If your company is based in Switzerland or the EU, you can, after consultation, invoice us for the shipping costs. Maximum prices are specified for this.
  • In Jetti you can view and manage all your orders and products and create free shipping labels and customs invoices.
  • If you do not send your goods, you will automatically receive a reminder by email. Please always send your order immediately after receipt.
  • If the package is not sent on time and we are not informed of this delay, we will have to charge a penalty fee of 15€.
  • If orders are repeatedly delayed without direct notice, this will cause frustration among our customers and we therefore reserve the right to cancel the subscription and take your products offline.
  • The tracking numbers must always be stored in Jetti so that the customer receives notification of the shipment.
  • The faster and more diligently you ship, the better it will affect your sales, always keep that in mind.
  • Please enter the tracking number manually for all shipments that are not sent directly via our Jetti inventory management system so that the customer can see the location of their products.


  • You set the RRP (sales price), but it must not be higher than the RRP on your own website
  • The RRP in EUR must always include 19% VAT (even if you are not liable for VAT)
  • If you have different prices for EUR and CHF, we can specify this, otherwise the other price will be automatically calculated with the corresponding factor.


  • We start with about 6-12 products per designer. This number is variable and depends on your range
  • The number of products can be adjusted or expanded at any time during the participation, simply contact


  • Once a month you send us an invoice for all products sold, minus the margin.
  • You deduct the margin from the net sales price. The basis is the RRP that is given to us. Example with a 35% margin: Net sales price x 0.65
  • Please send your invoice to


  • The customer must pay for the returns themselves and then send them directly back to you. If you have already issued an invoice to the shop for the product sold, you must correct it accordingly.
  • Please always let us know when a package has been returned to you so that the customer can receive their refund.