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    Sitting down and feeling good is the order of the day with Slowdown beanbags. The Lithuanian label was founded in 2008, then still under the name Pusku Pusku, and designs beanbags with aesthetic appeal and of the highest quality. All models are covered with exclusive fabrics that are pleasant to the touch and have a dirt-repellent layer. The covers can be washed and exchanged in no time at all, so that colors and materials can be adapted to the respective season. Whether in the living room, meeting room or outdoor area, Slowdown beanbags look good everywhere!

    3 questions to Remigijus Balciunas , founder of the Slowdown brand

    What makes your products special?
    I always try to create a different product with my own shape, choose new interesting materials, create a high quality product that I would like to have myself.

    When did you decide to work as a designer?
    In 2008, I was looking for bean bags for my home but couldn't find a suitable product for me. Then I decided to make bean bags for myself and then started my own design career.

    How did you feel when you held your first finished product in your hands?
    I can't feel that moment because when I make the first mold of a product, I'm already thinking further - how it will look with a different fabric, how it will look with product modifications, how it could look from a family of these products. For me, it's a never-ending process.

    10 products
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