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    Oriental Dreams … made by YVES Hamburg

    YVES Hamburg combines Hamburg design and Moroccan craftsmanship. In order to reinterpret the charm of the Orient, we are inspired by the variety of colors, the light and the opulent handicrafts. This results in selected pieces in small, limited quantities.

    Our motto is individuality. And it means uncompromising! Natural, handmade and fair. Our products are manufactured in selected craft workshops in Marrakech according to our design and individual specifications. Every year we travel to the production sites many times. We only choose companies with very good working conditions. And of course we use as many untreated, natural materials as possible in order to protect people and nature as best as possible.

    The material for our Alcantara silk leather collection is woven on site in a complex process. We only use Alcantara made from natural materials, which is later cut into narrow strips by hand. These are then intricately woven on old looms with silk, cotton or lurex threads. This not only creates an unusual pattern, but also a very hard-wearing material. Together with cowhide or goatskin, it becomes a real favorite piece.

    For our goat leather collection we use the finest, glove-soft goat leather, which is tanned locally in Marrakech using natural materials. Our goat leather is of the highest quality, light as a feather and flatteringly soft for the hands.

    We are particularly proud of our smallest project: selected guest towels with an oriental touch. YVES Hamburg supports a women's cooperative in Marrakech. Heavy Egyptian cotton is processed into guest towels. Each tassel is handwoven and individually sewn on for decoration. This not only creates beautiful guest towels that beautify every bathroom - we also support the women in Marrakech for a more self-determined, independent life.

    Quality that we stand for with our name and that bears our logo: YVES Hamburg.

    3 questions for YVES Hamburg:

    What inspires you?

    Colors, shapes, light... journeys of discovery. I like to observe people, what they do and what they wear and ask myself how everyday things could be made more beautiful.

    How did you feel when you held your first finished product in your hands?

    Proud, of course, no question about it! Above all because I can help to ensure that jobs are retained in Marrakech or that new ones are created. In the wake of this whole immigration issue, I am very proud that I can turn the wheel a little in a different direction. People need work to be able to live and provide for their families. We can all contribute to this.

    What makes your products so special?

    YVES has been trying to re-translate the charm of the Orient, the colors and shapes, the light and the craftsmanship for hundreds of years into the simple design of Hamburg understatement.

    YVES Hamburg

    Alexander Hofmann



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