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    “All things tell a story, carry it with you…”

    Shapes, colors, special impressions on travels and moments in life are the source of inspiration for our design.
    We do not follow fast-moving fashion trends, but create favorite pieces out of passion and personal intuition.
    WUNDERVOLL jewelry and shirts are manufactured or printed by hand by us in Munich in limited editions or as unique pieces.



    What motivated you to become a designer?
    B: I don't want to call myself a designer. I'm more of a creative person who likes to create beautiful things. There's almost everything out there already. But in my eyes, some things lack individuality and history. That's exactly what I want to give my jewelry and shirts, that little bit more specialness, or the memory of a certain moment.

    Tell us your 3 favorite spots in the city.
    B: The newly opened MUCA - Museum of Urban Art - is an exciting and inspiring place, and there is also a great restaurant with delicious, exceptional food. The roof terrace of The Lovelace is simply wonderful in summer. The view over Munich and directly onto the Frauenkirche is the ideal place for a sundowner with friends. In winter, a visit to the greenhouses in the Botanical Garden is like a little vacation. You feel like you are in the middle of a jungle - a real urban jungle feeling!

    Design in nature - what is perfect in form and function for you?
    B: Trees - they defy wind and weather. They renew themselves every year. They shed their leaves in the autumn to save energy and in the spring they begin the cycle of life again. They are also the perfect habitat and cosmos. They provide us with shade, air and wood. They are also beautiful to look at.

    Contact details:

    Barbara Aberle
    Pognerstrasse 30
    81379 Munich / DE

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