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    Handmade balance boards from Austria

    We are Woaz Board and we lovingly handcraft high-quality balance boards. A balance board is a wooden board that you use to balance on a roller and thus train your balance.

    Since we are passionate surfers, skiers, snowboarders and skaters, we have put all our passion and experience into our Woaz boards. The result is a balance board that is second to none. It is a board for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, old or young, sporty or not sporty, no one is excluded!

    What is unique about our boards is their rocker. Rocker is the curvature of our boards. We tried a lot and experimented with different radii until we finally found the perfect balance. Our rocker has an even curve and thus ensures a smooth and round ride. It also provides more grip on the board, which plays a major role especially in ollies or other skate tricks. Similar to the curve of the revolutionary carving skis, a balance board with rocker also allows you to move on the board in a completely new way.

    Because we care about the environment in which we woaz, our boards are made without unnecessary plastic. We only use local veneers for our Woaz boards, which we use various finishing touches to give them their unwoazable character. Surfing feeling, balance training and the mini ramp for your own four walls. 100% regional and made from renewable raw materials.

    What exactly does Woaz Board mean?

    Since our boards are native Styrian, the name also has its origins in Styria. We Styrians call the corn, which grows in abundance here, Woaz. This dialect word is probably derived from wheat. But why is the board named after a grain?

    The second part, the “board”,  is probably clear to most people, but there is also a deeper reason for it. If you take a closer look at the corn cob or "Woazstrizl", you can see small hairs at the top of the cob. We colloquially refer to these hairs as "Woaz Bort", the cob's moustache, so to speak. At the time, this was also smoked as a tobacco substitute.

    Since our workshop is surrounded by Woaz fields, we thought this was a pretty fitting play on words for our boards and our brand.

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