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    We Do Wood was founded in Copenhagen in 2011 and is based on the vision that outstanding design and strict sustainability principles should go hand in hand.
    - We believe that production aesthetics should never get in the way of application aesthetics.
    - We believe that functionality is key and that the product must fit seamlessly into people's everyday lives.
    - We believe in furniture that is consistently manufactured with respect for the environment.
    For us, sustainability is much more than just style, material and production. We do not see the concept of sustainability as a passing phase, but as our very foundation.

    Sebastian Jørgensen is the designer behind We Do Wood. As a trained cabinetmaker and joiner, Sebastian Jørgensen is a skilled craftsman. However, Sebastian's understanding of design originally comes from the world of art, which takes a different approach than most. Sebastian's design process is a bit like painting: he usually makes a sketch and goes straight to the workshop to make mock-ups and prototypes at 1:1 scale. Finally, Sebastian uses his background as a cabinetmaker to prepare the piece for industrial production.
    What both approaches have in common, however, is the desire to push boundaries and give the craftsmanship of the cabinet maker a new twist - in terms of design, but above all in terms of responsibility.

    Because We Do Wood is not just about furniture - it's also about respect, change and common sense.

    We do Wood

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