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    WALKEY's motto is "simplify your life wherever you go". The range
    has now been expanded to include the WALKEY FaceMask and so the credo
    supplemented with “safe life, wherever you go”.
    WALKEY’s mouth-nose masks are made in the company’s own studio in Zurich by
    Hand made. All processed materials come from producers in D-ACH
    The products of the Zurich label WALKEY, be it mouth-nose masks, wallets or
    functional mobile phone cases, are always an interplay of contemporary
    cosmopolitan nobility and craftsmanship. Characterized by sustainable design
    WALKEY impresses with a skilful combination of high-quality materials
    and sophisticated functionality. The products bring colour, order and safety to
    everyday life, both at home and in the office, as well as during sports or while travelling. In
    artistic precision work creates a fusion of opposites from
    Modernity and tradition. This gives every WALKEY product something special and
    its uniqueness.


    Patricia Zechner

    8005 Zurich, CH


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