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    Bags with a system from Rechtenthal – because our time is too precious to waste searching.

    Who hasn't experienced the annoying rummaging and searching for a wallet, cell phone, keys, or all the other important things that seem to be hidden in our handbags on purpose?

    Ingrid van Skyhawk felt the same way, especially in her professional life, and no bag could meet her requirements. "My conventional bags and briefcases simply could no longer keep up with the mobility of my everyday work." And since she is a woman of action, she developed a bag that met all her requirements. The result was not just another handbag, but a bag system consisting of four bags that can be linked together.

    The elegant outer pocket made of certified Italian cowhide is combined with the "Insiders", which are equipped with clever compartment systems. This creates different carrying options and the bags can be adapted to any situation in no time at all: from early morning exercise to work, from the desk to a business dinner. But Rechtenthal bags are also perfect for traveling, shopping or going out. Because our time is too precious to waste searching.

    3 questions for von Rechtenthal:

    Who are you?
    I am a creative person and love clever design objects that make our everyday lives more beautiful and easier. From an early age I enjoyed inventing new things to improve things. I was lucky enough to grow up in an ancient country house surrounded by an abundance of antique furniture and paintings. I loved this environment and knew every object. So even as a child I developed a sense and an eye for beautiful design. This passion then led to a study of art and architectural history.

    What motivated you to become a designer?
    My own needs and my passion for improving things. In this case, it was my bag situation. My conventional bags and briefcases could no longer keep up with the new mobility of my everyday work. The mobile office brought completely new challenges. So I developed what made sense for my purposes. It soon became clear that my colleagues had the same needs. Over the course of 3 years, an ugly prototype was transformed into a not only functional but also elegant
    Bag solution. The many positive feedback from businesswomen motivated me to keep going. I created my own bag label and have my designs manufactured in a wonderful factory in Italy. My motto: Designed in Germany, handcrafted in Italy - from women for women.

    Many women now consider my invention to be “The perfect bag”. And isn’t that what every woman is looking for? I therefore consider myself a bag designer of this one bag solution and not a fashion designer.

    What makes your products so special?
    The unique concept, consisting of four bags that can be linked together. Well thought out in detail, it is simple on the outside with sophisticated features, and on the inside it is equipped with a clever compartment system. The convertible carrying options can be used in all situations. My credo: form follows function. The design is timeless, it is practical, and it makes you happy. Women enjoy the aesthetics, the variety of uses and
    the great added value that can be measured in time.

    Contact details:

    Ingrid van Skyhawk
    IVS Design
    Brahmsweg 5
    69242 Mühlhausen


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