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    vielö is an innovative, multi-award-winning, organic and sustainably produced skin care alternative for people who expect more from a brand than just a pretty label.

    All vielö products are unisex, sulfate-free, very gentle, particularly nourishing and moisturizing, which makes the products particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin. The product design impresses with elegant minimalism and all products come with a special and relaxing fragrance that is based exclusively on organic essential oils and was developed by a well-known perfumer.

    vielö follows a unique, simple and sustainable approach to skin care and relies on simple but effective organic ingredients of the highest quality. vielö's mission is based on four basic principles, namely quality, simplicity, transparency and sustainability. No harmful or controversial ingredients or chemicals, no animal testing, no greenwashing, no misleading advertising, but authentic and honest premium skin care made from the best natural and organic ingredients.

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    vielö GmbH
    Schulstrasse 7
    AT-4642 Sattledt

    11 products
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