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    Viaplant is dedicated to the beauty of nature! The Hungarian label has specially developed a plant-based creative material for interior, furniture and fashion design. Only leaves and flowers are used, whose regeneration cycle is one year or less. In addition, plant parts that accrue during the maintenance of urban green spaces and are usually thrown away are reused. Viaplant appreciates the beauty and diversity of inspiring nature and illuminates it in a completely new way. The founder of the design label is the landscape architect Barnabás Szakács, who, together with his team, creates natural design objects for living spaces.

    Three questions to Barnabas Szakacs

    When did you decide to work as a designer?
    Viaplant started as an art project in 2015. Consequently, the concept has been constantly evolving and from 2016 we are producing our plant-based creative material and various products simultaneously.

    What inspires you?
    I appreciate the beauty and diversity of nature. When we bend closer, even the dusty leaves that seem insignificant and look like weeds from afar begin to tell a story. Despite the hidden, true grandeur, many wonderful details and structures come to light. I am also very interested in all forms of constructed nature

    How can one imagine your studio?
    The collection of plants, the production of the material and then the manufacture of the products take place in different locations. So there is a great variety, from the noisy, dusty workshop to the sunny meadows.

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