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    What defines us is quite simple: with a feel for the essential, we give form to ideas.

    At Unoferrum, modern, aesthetic design meets the highest quality. Our products are made of high-quality materials and impress with unusual details and a sense for functional challenges. Unoferrum was founded in 2014 as a design label with the aim of producing exclusively regionally. Our product portfolio is 100% handmade in Germany.

    Establishing a high-quality label like Unoferrum requires a good portion of experience, the courage to have visions and the right eye for what is feasible. We see these attributes as a prerequisite for working in our team. Sven Deutloff is a trained carpenter and qualified designer and, together with Clemens Haufe (also a qualified designer), forms the creative heart of the company, while Michael Schmittdiel, as head of business and economics, takes care of the business side of things.

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