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    Hello nice to see you! / Yes, my love, I'll show you!
    We call ourselves TU LAS. That means FOREST HERE. We are food, wine and wood freaks, how about you?!
    Here we create wine racks, shelves and serving dishes from Polish wood with heads full of stories about nature, forest, trees and wood.
    To celebrate the imperfect beauty of nature - we work with unwanted wood. Twisted grains, cracks, knots, pest marks? - couldn't be better! Then we turn THAT wood into real rock stars - products that are simple in form but rich in appearance. We don't want to make nature better - "less" is our god, so we just compulsively invent how not to spoil anything and leave each piece of wood as beautifully simple as possible.
    We look at the objects around us with an old-fashioned praise for quality. That's how we design our shelves too! Slowly, patiently, with sincere attention to every detail - to bring years of joy and to permanently connect them with the home, wine bar or restaurant. We strive to give our customers not only the shelf but also the experience of timeless design and real woodwork.

    TU LAS wine racks, shelves and serveware are a unique addition to both private and commercial interiors. Although simple in form, they impressively showcase any wine collection, either in the private spaces of the advanced wine lover or in stylish commercial interiors - restaurants, wine bars and hotels.

    12 products
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