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    You can never have enough scarves and shawls!

    For as long as I can remember, I have loved scarves and shawls and now I have a nice collection. The fact that I now design scarves and shawls myself is a coincidence. While looking for a suitable gift, I came across a book with historical Japanese patterns that immediately captivated me...

    The first unique patterns were adapted in collaboration with artists and graphic designers. Further independent designs emerged in the wake of the general enthusiasm. The first test editions were produced, patterns were discarded, discussed, questioned, revised ... and new scarves and shawls were produced.

    There are now three lines under the SKARF label: Japanese Designs, Classic Designs and Modern Designs.

    Because I am convinced that the world's best textile manufacturers are based in Italy, we only produce there. We use fine natural materials such as silk, wool and cotton and attach great importance to high-quality workmanship.

    Our beautiful, soft scarves and shawls are timelessly beautiful and comfortable to wear!

    Enjoy looking, choosing and wearing

    wish Kate & the team from SKARF

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