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    Schneid creates timeless and elegant design products that are responsible and reflect the modern spirit of the times. Using natural materials in combination with striking colors and shapes, we create high-quality and exceptional lighting, furniture and accessories.
    We believe in sustainability and are committed to solid and reliable craftsmanship. That's why we support local manufacturers, keep delivery routes short and work with people who are passionate about their work, just like we are.

    Sustainability starts with the mindset.
    At Schneid, we act according to a holistic concept of sustainability. From the initial idea to small-scale production, our design processes are permeated by the basic idea of ​​creating exciting objects with ethical values. For us, sustainability therefore particularly includes sharing and promoting an attitude and vision, promoting a conscious experience of design and reviving the perception of craftsmanship with attention to detail.

    Ethics and aesthetics go hand in hand.
    Our products are the result of a lengthy process, characterized by the design of initial sketches, the manual work in our workshop to produce initial prototypes, and the close collaboration with our local manufacturers. We find inspiration for our concepts and designs in forms found in nature as well as in modern architecture and contemporary art. When designing, we act according to the principle "form follows feelings" and so we are guided by our feeling for proportions, materials and colors to create a harmonious and timeless object. In this way, we strive to develop ethical aesthetics and are convinced that this combination, through its close interrelationship with one another, creates exceptional and long-lasting design.

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    Schneid lighting & furniture
    Einsiedelstrasse 6
    LMG / Old Training Workshop
    23554 Lubeck, Germany

    Phone: + 49 451 40 833 829

    31 products
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