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    For my label Rebecca Wolf Design I design jewelry and produce each
    I work in my studio in Ulm, which I have designed as
    I have set it up so that it is my office, workshop and photo studio all at the same time.

    With Rebecca Wolf Design I offer high-quality fashion jewelry, which I mainly make from silver. My designs start with geometric shapes and are influenced by timeless minimalist style. I want to offer my customers jewelry that they can wear for a long time.

    During my time at school, I realized that I wanted to learn a creative profession. But I was initially focused on fashion design. My decision to study jewelry design was mainly driven by my interest in metalworking. Pure metal exudes an elegance that magically attracts me. My preference for jewelry that is made entirely of metal still prevails today.

    During my studies, silver quickly emerged as my favorite material because it is so versatile. For as long as I can remember, I have enhanced my outfits with homemade details. I made clothes myself, altered details on purchased items of clothing, and made accessories myself. Towards the end of my school days, I began designing jewelry, and in my quest to learn more metalworking techniques, I ended up at Pforzheim University, where I completed the technical preliminary course in gold and silversmithing for a year. With every new technique you learn, new design possibilities arise. With every project, you expand your design horizons, so to speak, and I really appreciate the fact that I never get the feeling that I have finished learning.

    I love wearing jewelry myself, so when I design a new piece of jewelry
    and make it, I always put it on straight away. How often I wear it in the next few days
    I quickly notice whether I have succeeded so well that I want to offer it to customers. If I can enjoy the same object over and over again, then for me it is good design. It has to be consistent down to the last detail.

    I am most fascinated by objects that are reduced to the bare essentials, because their simplicity combines a certain elegance and genius. In nature, I am impressed by how everything is connected. A tree only becomes a whole after many
    trees to a forest. Since I come from the Palatinate Forest, the forest also means home to me. Nowhere do I find more peace than on a hike through the forest.

    Contact details:
    Rebecca Wolf Design
    Schillerstr. 8th
    DE-89077 Ulm

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