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    Who are you?

    Ina Kaiser, designer by passion, entrepreneur by conviction, mother.

    What inspires you?

    Nature with its harmonious play of colours and combinations; the variety of different materials; shapes in general; people with their different ideas; other artists and designers

    What makes your products so special?

    It combines the aesthetics of origami paper art. The folded, opposing lines create a three-dimensional, timeless form that is absolutely in keeping with the spirit of the times. It was important to me to create a product that is not only beautifully designed, but also highly functional, for the future lover, the manufacturer and for me. These multifunctional, unique pieces give me room for further development, they are made exclusively in Germany.

    What does “good design” mean to you?

    The most important thing for me is that good design is attractive, functional and has a history. In order for it to remain beautiful for a long time, it has to be of high quality and of valuable craftsmanship.

    Contact details:

    Ina Kaiser
    Straussstrasse 27
    DE-89518 Heidenheim-Brenz

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