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    Planty Rings

    The wall mount for your plants

    The Viennese label Planty Rings was founded in 2018 by product designer Holger Eichinger. During his product design studies at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, he worked on product concepts for placing plants indoors.

    Based on these studies, he founded his label and developed and produced sustainable products that can be used to place plants on the wall in living and working spaces. The heart of the label are plant rings that are minimalist and functional in design. They fit into any environment and yet set an unmissable accent. Products and packaging are plastic-free and fully recyclable. During production, we ensure that Planty Rings are made from high-quality materials in small and medium-sized companies.

    3 questions for Holger Eichinger:

    What is your favorite material and why?

    Wood. You can do anything with wood. You can get it quickly from the hardware store and work with it raw without much prior knowledge, but you can also create the finest work with fine woods. You can make toothpicks and entire halls with it. It grows back. You can use it unprocessed or process it into paper or cardboard. A product made of wood can last forever, but if you no longer need it, you can process it into firewood.

    Design in nature - what is perfect in form and function for you?

    Unrolling leaves are fascinating, but the best thing about nature is that it is always evolving and developing.

    What is the best way to care for your product(s)? Is there anything you should keep in mind?

    My products are designed in such a way that they generally do not require any special care.

    Planty Rings Wall Planter

    Holger Eichinger

    Wurmsergasse 21/8

    1150 Vienna

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