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    Welcome to the Black Forest!

    Since 1844, the Schladerer distillery has been combining the highest quality fruit brandies and unique spirits under one seal. Driven by the manufacturing philosophy, the highest standards apply to every step of the process: from the strict selection of hand-picked fruits to the honest craftsmanship of our master distillers to the unique finish of each individual product.

    All of this for one goal: enjoyment in its purest form! Whether with friends or family, in the bar or in nature, in a mixed drink or neat.

    The art of distilling since 1844. Origin has a future. For over 175 years, the Schladerer distillery has been characterized by craftsmanship, home and passion. What began in 1844 as a small home distillery is now a successful, medium-sized family business. Anyone who likes fruit brandy knows Schladerer. And not just in Germany, but internationally too. The brand stands for unadulterated nature, selected fruits, solid craftsmanship and the highest quality. And for family. Today, in the sixth generation, Philipp Schladerer's aim is to preserve values ​​and dare to try new things.

    This includes identifying trends and developing our own sustainable concepts that meet current and future demanding pleasure needs. A path that is extremely exciting. The trained Master of Science in International Business has been managing the famous distillery since 2010. His goal is to lead the family spirit into the future. Always with him: the wealth of knowledge from 175 years of distilling. Because origins have a future and both make up Schladerer's success story. "We produce unique spirits that are closely linked to our history and our craft and that we reinterpret," emphasises Philipp Schladerer.

    The vision consistently continues the manufacturing concept. This stands for high-quality, authentic products made with attention to detail. In addition to classics such as Black Forest cherry brandy, selected specialties or the new organic natural schnapps, the range also includes GRETCHEN Distilled Dry Gin and VINCENT Aperitif. And now completely new, the Schladerer Liqueurs made from purely natural ingredients.

    Contact details:
    Alfred Schladerer Black Forest Distillery GmbH
    Alfred-Schladerer-Platz 1
    DE-79219 Staufen

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