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    The founders of Nordgreen met while studying and have been best friends ever since, sharing a passion for watches.

    Doing something good together

    Nordgreen works with three organizations in the fields of health, environment and education. Through the cooperation with “Water for Good”, every watch sold provides a person in the Central African Republic with clean water for two months. “Cool Earth” protects 50m2 of rainforest with every watch sold and “Pratham UK” can provide a child in India with a month of schooling. By purchasing a watch, you support one of the three projects at the same time.

    Differentiation through design
    Jakob Wagner is a Danish designer with a lot of experience and talent. His puristic designs, excellent craftsmanship and the functionality of his products are what set him apart. Nordgreen's watches are thought through down to the last detail and perfected with clear lines. Behind each of the models is a special design idea, inspired by the city of Copenhagen.

    Contact details:
    Christine Reil
    Købmagergade 3A
    1150 Copenhagen, Denmark


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