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    The Cologne designer couple Elisabeth Rosenkranz and Andreas Burgmann have collected an impressive vocabulary over the last few years. Over 1000 words and lettering, some as delicate as the wing of a butterfly, adorn the walls and tables of their beautiful studio in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. "Words have always fascinated us," says Rosenkranz, who is actually a trained architect. "When you read something, an image appears in your head. So it's only logical that you give the words the most beautiful place on the wall." With the help of the latest technology, new lettering is created every day from different materials - painted in individual colors, they become real eye-catchers that are just as popular in the living room as in the agency loft. The word "heroine" is currently a bestseller, but words that are on the verge of extinction such as "summer freshness" or "bathing day" are also often in demand, says Rosenkranz.

    On its website, the small manufacturer NOGALLERY not only offers a constantly growing vocabulary, but also the possibility to order individual words. If you are looking for an unusual gift for the next wedding or simply want to express your thoughts, you have come to the right place. But a visit to the Ehrenfeld studio, which also serves as a shop, is also worthwhile: In addition to words, there are other treasures to be found there, such as lamps made from recycled nylon stockings or artistic jewelry.

    Rosenkranz and Burgmann are unlikely to run out of words any time soon: "We have a golden book in which our visitors can write their word requests. When we add a word to our range, the lucky finder gets the first word for free."

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    Apostelnstr. 20
    50667 Cologne
    +49 (0) 221 / 29 24 24 29

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