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    NEU/ZEUG is poetry for everyday life in the form of timelessly modern and hand-produced porcelain lamps. The name of the label is a reference to the location and tradition of the associated porcelain factory in Neuzeug, Upper Austria.
    There are three women behind the label: the designers of Lucy.D, Barbara Ambrosz & Karin Santorso and Beate Seckauer, owner of the Neuzeughammer manufactory. They combine their synergies and are taking a new path together - with great success.

    Their PEARLS lamp series is modular, individual and colorful! The collection plays with five fine, geometric porcelain bodies and eleven harmonious colors and is a prime example of the quality of sustainable lamps from fair, regional production. No wonder, then, that NEU/ZEUG received the blickfang design award 2018 in Vienna!


    What motivated you to become designers ?

    Our environment shapes us and we shape it. We have been making this claim as designers for 15 years. In design, we are concerned with combining the traditional and the innovative in a sensitive way. Hearing stories and thus inspiring the imagination is what inspired us and we pass this on in our work. Every design is like a little story and gives everyday life a little more poetry.

    With our new label NEU/ZEUG we are reinterpreting porcelain lamps. In addition to the porcelain as a sustainable raw material, the colors are also an important component of the collection. They are finds from the factory! The original pigments of the Lilienporzellan classic 'Daisy' have been stored in the porcelain factory for decades. And now we are bringing them back to life by glazing the pearl elements with them!

    How did you feel when you held your first porcelain lamp in your hands?

    Great! Neu/Zeug products have a soul and convey stories. Every new Pearls lamp is a piece of us!

    What inspires you?

    Neu/Zeug is based on the crossover of design and manufacturing, which we consider essential. The Neuzeughammer production facility is nestled in the wild nature of Upper Austria, directly on the Steyr River. This location frees up thoughts and inspires new products made of porcelain.

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