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    Rediscover birch bark: an ancient Siberian craft meets modern design

    MOYA = birch bark, Siberia, care, quality, craftsmanship, design
    Traditional craftsmanship meets modern design

    Philosophy / About

    With great care and attention to detail, we manufacture products from natural birch bark that combine modern design with a time-honored Siberian craft tradition. We source our bark from the endless taiga of Siberia and allow its natural beauty to shine through in full force through a clear design language and playful color scheme. Our products combine the uniqueness of a natural material with the precision of modern technology.

    Since its founding, MOYA has pursued the approach of researching the fascinating and diverse properties of birch bark and celebrating them through functional product solutions in everyday life. We firmly believe that good design improves our lives.



    MOYA was founded by the German-Russian designer Anastasiya Koshcheeva in Berlin and means "mine" in Russian. Since 2012, Anastasiya has been combining the millennia-old craftsmanship from her native Siberia with clear, modern design. Since then, our goal has been to create birch bark products of the highest quality and to manufacture them in a socially and ecologically responsible manner.

    Material and tradition

    We only use natural birch bark of the highest quality for our products. We harvest our bark once a year and ensure that the inner layer of bark is not damaged during harvesting and that the trees are not harmed. No trees are felled for our birch bark products.

    The ingredients of the bark and their interaction ensure that birch trees survive even in the harshest nutritional and weather conditions and completely renew themselves in 20-25 years. Its diverse properties such as durability, flexibility, tear resistance, breathability and its antibacterial effect make birch bark one of the most fascinating natural materials that continues to inspire us.

    Do you want to find out more about Moya? From minute 1:10, the founder Anastasiya Koshcheeva can be seen in the interesting report 'The Raw Materials Revolution' and talks about her products!

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