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    Here you will find wooden furniture for life!
    We are Gunnar and Sophie Brand. Gunnar is a carpenter and we are both architects. We are fascinated by the combination of traditional craftsmanship with modern, timeless design. It all started with the fact that we love to cook ourselves. And of course we also enjoy cooking for many guests. Together we enjoy good food, a delicious wine and being together. And we prefer to do all of this at a large table...

    Furniture for shared times
    Our furniture brings people together. They enjoy spending time together, preparing good things. Our wooden furniture, spring steel stools and cutting boards are infinitely personal and timeless at the same time. They are made just for you, and for eternity!

    We love traditional craftsmanship and classic wood joints. At the same time, we use the most modern manufacturing methods - where it makes sense. And because we have the highest quality standards, our craftsmen not only have to know how to program computer-controlled machines, they also need experience to carefully and correctly select the wood for the respective application. We manufacture the furniture and products in small series or as unique pieces, made to measure. One of our trademarks: the combination of wood and metal.

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