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    Sustainable, timeless, comfortable - solid wood furniture from Minuuk.

    Behind Minuuk are two creative engineers and a designer who have a common goal: to rethink classic types of furniture and do things differently. The result is consistently sustainable, simple solid wood furniture with a timeless design.

    For Amelie, Hanna and Michl, being consistently sustainable means avoiding plastics, varnishes and, if possible, metal. Their furniture is made entirely of solid wood, which is refined with oils or left natural. The three of them are happy to take on the challenge of escaping the cliché of boring solid wood furniture and, with Minuuk, show that solid wood can be incredibly elegant, simple and comfortable at the same time.

    Oh, and by the way: Minuuk invests ten percent of its profits in European forest projects. We definitely think this is worth supporting!

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