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    We are Elena and Israel, a married couple from Spain and Mexico. We created Liebre Style, a shoe brand inspired by our travels and fabrics we have collected from all over the world, such as unique silk fabrics from Mongolia or vibrant prints from Africa. We put our passion into every detail of our collections. Our products are limited to 20-30 pairs, so they are unique and not repeatable. After a certain project is sold out, it will not be produced again. Experienced shoe artisans from Portugal ensure that our shoes are perfectly crafted. We use only the best materials to make shoes, to ensure that our shoes are not only beautiful, but also comfortable and durable. With the help of Liebre Style, we try to inspire people to incorporate creativity into their everyday lives, which is why we like to discover classic shoe models such as Oxford and Chelsea shoes and give them a more modern and vibrant accent, designed to inspire and give positive energy to the people who wear them.


    Tell us something about your professional career.
    E&I: We divide our main tasks as follows: Israel is in charge of production, which means he is in constant contact with our artisans in Portugal and makes sure our collections come to life. Elena is in charge of sales and takes care of direct contact with customers. We both work together to design our new collections, constantly discussing new ideas, collecting new materials and deciding on shoe collections for women and men.

    How did you feel when you held your first finished product in your hands?
    E&I: Oh, the richness of emotions is just being awakened. We felt like we held the key to happiness in our hands. An electric blue leather shoe that felt great and had golden dragons on it. These shoes give special powers to those who wear them!

    What is your favorite object and accompanies you every day?
    Elena: My red Moleskine notepad and pencil No. 2 Staedtler with a rubber on top. I am constantly taking notes and drawing. I have had Moleskine for over 15 years with all my thoughts, ideas and drawings.
    Israel: My handmade leather bracelet that I bought 7 years ago at a street bazaar in Spain and an old wooden rosary that my mother gave me 10 years ago.

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    Love Style
    Elena Gasulla Tortajada
    Sebastiana Klonowica, 23/3
    71-247, Szczecin


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