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    The designer behind the Twist Candles is Lex Pott, who works as an artist and designer in Rotterdam. Lex Pott's designs impress with their simplicity, minimalism and the use of high-quality materials.
    The “Twist Candle by Lex Pott” plays with the flexibility of wax. Candles usually need a holder – the Twist Candle combines candle with holder and merges them into one object with two candle ends. The candles are made by hand in the USA.
    Distributed by Connectrade
    Connectrade is a young, modern trading company based in Switzerland. Connectrade brings unique products from talented, up-and-coming brands from all over the world to a design-savvy audience. Connectrade impresses with a diverse range that never ceases to surprise customers. The small team behind the company consists of a colorful mix of design lovers and creatives who look for new, great brands around the world.
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    Connectrade GmbH
    Mühlemoos 3
    CH-8863 Buttikon
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