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    Who are you ?

    Hey, I'm Laura, jewelry designer and goldsmith.

    I love aesthetics and shapes as well as creative design.

    My work gives me so much. That's why my "work" is a big part of me. To balance out my work, I like to spend time in nature, take long walks and do yoga.

    Since when have you been a designer?

    In 2013 I started studying product design in Magdeburg.

    But of course you don't immediately become a "professional" designer. I think it really started with my self-employment 5 years later in 2018.

    What inspires you?

    I am inspired by nature, conversations, research, peace and the design process itself.

    When I design, I am "trapped" in a kind of cinema in my head. My products always have a source of inspiration. Often from architecture and human feelings.

    I am inspired by the thought of creating something that brings joy to others.

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