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    Laura Christmann is a young jewelry designer from Düsseldorf. Her jewelry is inspired by nature as well as everyday objects and is based on playing with simple geometric shapes that are constantly being combined in new ways.
    The designs are minimalist, modern and simple, but still eye-catching. Modern techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting are used as well as traditional goldsmith craftsmanship. The trained goldsmith and jewelry designer has been self-employed since 2017 and designs and produces her collections in the studio behind India, which she shares with other jewelry designers and creatives.


    What motivated you to start your label or become a designer?
    Even as a child, I painted, drew and did a lot of handicrafts, especially in very small formats... That's why the idea of ​​learning a creative profession was a natural one. During my goldsmith training, I developed the desire to become self-employed at some point and to implement my own ideas.

    What makes your products so special?
    I think the combination of 3D printing and traditional goldsmith craftsmanship, which also creates unusual material combinations such as plastic with gold-plated silver. The geometric, minimalist design language and the attention to detail also make up my own style.

    How can one imagine your studio/workshop?
    Our studio is called "Studio behind India" because it is located in the backyard of an Indian restaurant. It consists of a goldsmith's workshop, an office for the copywriter and a showroom for our jewelry, where guitar lessons take place on Mondays. We also have a kitchen, where we often cook together, and a small garden.

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    Laura Christmann Jewellery
    Laura Christmann
    Düsselthaler Strasse 1a
    40211 Dusseldorf


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