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    kontiki's adventurous journey
    kontiki was founded in 2003 for genre-crossing, experimental design with an open ending. The title is based on the raft of the same name that Thor Heyerdahl sailed from the west coast of America to Polynesia in the 1940s. Karin Maislinger, the founder of kontiki, was impressed by this kind of adventure, the raft and its wild-bearded crew, the courage and fearlessness. The name for the adventure kontiki was found.
    Since then, new models have been released several times a year within the constantly changing collection “the acquatic series”, a range of bags made from recycled bicycle tubes and racing bike tires.

    The lovingly crafted bicycle tubes, which have been given a new purpose in a timeless, linear design, have now become a refreshing part of the Viennese cityscape. The bicycle tube, the previously invisible, silent companion through the countryside and cities, now guides its wearers through the streets in a transformed form and forms the basic material for robust, everyday containers.
    Karin Maislinger develops functional designs for everyday belongings and has dedicated herself to a humorous, playful experiment with material and structure in her designs for kontiki. kontiki bags are not neutral products on the market, they are hand-made, low-tech and personal. The material used is not like other materials, because of its history and because it has previously served a different purpose.
    kontiki develops small textile collections at irregular intervals, which are usually associated with participation in an exhibition in the field of fine arts.
    kontiki's production is set up in its own small workshop in Vienna. Small series and individual pieces are produced here in very high quality.

    The MAMUNA mask was created in 2020.

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