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    Unconventional products from Düsseldorf by jundado.

    Claudia Hüskes has been developing furniture and lighting under the name 'jundado' since 2012. Coming from a business background, Claudia noticed after the birth of her first child that she was lacking creativity in her previous job and quickly changed careers. "You just have to have the courage to question things that others may take for granted. Then the way is clear for something new." - what Claudia actually means when developing her products could perhaps also be described as her life motto.

    The designer has been very successful in producing products that are characterized by their unconventional solutions and well-thought-out details. The best example is the cozy reading lamp Henry. With Henry on your shoulder, you always have light where you need it. A quick press on the tip of your nose is enough and the light comes on. "I think my products surprise people because they solve problems that many people previously accepted as a given," says Claudia. "People often come to terms with the shortcomings of products and are then happy when they realize that this is not necessary at all."
    Claudia Hüskes has her products manufactured in German craft businesses and factories.

    Contact details:

    jundado GmbH
    Leostr. 54a
    40545 Dusseldorf

    Email: info@jundado.de

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