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    Handmade. Poetry and nature.
    Jacoby is a brand characterized by friendship, passion and skill.
    Your high standards of form, function and class are what motivates us. We see ourselves as servants of your home decor and look for good technical solutions and perfect beauty.
    We are committed to the sustainable use of natural and human resources. Working together is very important to us. That is why we find joy in what we do every day.
    Sit down at a Jacoby table and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with your family and friends.

    Who and what is Jacoby
    Jacoby was created because three friends did what they were good at and what they enjoyed together. They worked with their hands. They chatted, laughed, bought drinks and philosophized. All three had known each other for a long time. Cyrill learned the trade under Boniface and was his student for many years.
    Jan is his sister's best friend and the son of his former master. The two of them have been hanging out together since they were teenagers.
    After years of mutual respect and many joint projects, they join forces to work together on the creation of a furniture collection.

    Furniture sommelier
    Dealing with wood is similar to dealing with wine. Every tree has its own color and appearance. Its own special character. As a sommelier, Cyrill takes care of the purchase and storage of our fine woody plants.
    But Cyrill's knowledge is worth its weight in gold, especially when it comes to advice. He knows all aspects of a carpentry workshop and has a wide range of knowledge from his many years of self-employment. This is exactly where your advantage lies. Because Cyrill understands your language and perceives your needs. In a joint discussion, he will help you find the right furniture for your personal situation. Together you define the type of wood and dimensions. This gives your furniture individuality. You can make an appointment at any time and get advice from Cyrill.

    Head of Production
    The best hands, a trained eye, patience and thousands of hours of experience make Boni the most experienced carpenter our team could wish for. His expertise in working with solid wood and processing techniques is as valuable to Jacoby as his know-how in installing complex scenographies. Boni has a constant drive for perfectionism and therefore no job is completed without it meeting his requirements down to the smallest detail.
    His wit and cheerful nature are a blessing for our team and we are proud to have Boni as co-founder at Jacoby.

    Artistic Director
    His penchant for form and color, his sense of the zeitgeist, his technical knowledge, coupled with a talent for discovery and an innovative way of thinking make Jan the art director at Jacoby.
    Proud craftsmanship has flowed through his veins for generations. He grew up in the wood shavings of his grandfather and father's carpentry workshop.

    What are you doing
    Jacoby designs and develops furniture for private and business use. Our professional pride and your high standards of form, function and class are what motivate us. Our goal is to create furniture that will last. Timeless design and professional, high-quality workmanship result in products that you will enjoy for a long time. However, if the time has come for you to part with a piece from our collection, we want the next generation to be able to enjoy it. Longevity is part of our philosophy of conserving resources.

    But resources are important to us not only on the outside, but also on the inside of Jacoby. Experiencing and shaping an appreciative, joyful togetherness is important to us. We work on this every day.
    We get a lot of joy from what we do and have been friends for many years. Working on projects together, inspiring each other and implementing our ideas. This is a catalyst for what we do and fills us with joy.
    Because we process high-quality materials, keep transport routes short and the ecological impact small.
    And of course we want to receive our wages from people who are absolutely happy and satisfied with what they have. On the one hand, you - our customer. You should be happy with your furniture, ideally every day! And of course also our employees, who enjoy this workplace. Who can tell their children and partners the funny anecdotes of the day and report on great encounters.
    That's why Jacoby exists. Because we want to laugh together and it makes us feel good. And even if we feel like complaining, we want to be allowed to complain and have someone who will catch it and put up with it.

    Contact details:

    Cyril, Boniface and Jan
    Mühlemattstrasse 12
    4104 Oberwil, CH

    Email: hallo@jacoby-moebel.ch

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