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    Behind InTeam Design is the designer couple Eleonora and Alexander Reimer. Both studied graphic and product design at the HAWK Hildesheim.

    They have been living and working in Dortmund for almost ten years. "When designing our products, we focus on simple elegance and playful functionality," says Eleonora Reimer. All living and kitchen accessories are made from natural materials. "We see our products as practical everyday companions that inspire people to use, design and play with them."


    What motivated you to become a designer?

    I had wanted to do this since I was a child. I only made the decision because of my now wife, who was training to be a design assistant at the time. From then on, I was determined to study design properly.

    Tell us something about your professional career.

    First, I trained as a technical draftsman and then studied product design in Hildesheim. Even during my studies, my wife and I spent our free time developing home accessories that we wanted (according to our ideas).

    Now I work full-time as a product designer, and in my free time I design furniture, home & kitchen accessories that meet our needs.

    What does “good design” mean to you?

    “Good design”, when it comes to furnishing objects, must be surprising, functional and appropriate to the material. It should be a pleasure to use.

    InTeam Design
    Alexander and Eleonora Reimer
    Wienoldweg 8
    44267 Dortmund


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