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    ignore is an Amsterdam-based design studio. We design, develop and distribute furniture and home accessories with a minimal twist.

    We create awareness and develop products with the sole focus on the design itself. ignore pushes people to make conscious interior design choices. Would we make the same choices if we ignored all incentives and focused on what really matters?

    ignore provides a stage for aspiring and renowned designers. Together we have designed a strong, minimalist collection. We offer high quality at a fair price. All products are designed in the Netherlands. Better still, 90% of the products are also produced in the Netherlands, Dutch design as it should be.

    3 questions to ignore:

    Why did you become a designer?
    I have been working in the design industry for a few years now and I missed my own minimalist style, so I decided to start my own label, ignore.

    What is your favorite object that you can't live without?
    I hate to say it, but I think it's my phone. I can't do business without my phone...

    How did you feel when you created your first product?
    Well, the first prototype we received was the side table Dance, it was a total disaster haha. It wasn't stable at all. But after a few adjustments, it turned into the beautiful calm of design it is today.


    Julien van Hassel

    Govert Flinckstraat 195 hs

    1073LW Amsterdam


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