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    In 1936, my grandfather Nikolaus Schmelz laid the foundation stone for Harold's in Obertshausen and opened a leather bag factory. Over the next almost 80 years, we have continually developed our production processes.
    My father Günter Schmelz has been with the company since 1955. He consistently built up long-term cooperations with foreign partners, first in Italy, and later in Colombia and India. Carefully selected materials as well as craftsmanship and know-how formed the basis for our bags.

    I, Thilo Schmelz, joined the company in 1999. As a trained architect, I compare a bag to a house that people like to live in: it is carefully developed in terms of form and function, durable in design and use, and made from authentic materials.

    This way of working determines the qualitative and aesthetic appearance of the Harold's brand today: constructive, timeless design, first-class craftsmanship and natural leather.

    Contact details:

    Harold's Leather Goods GmbH
    Lämmerspieler Strasse 40-42
    63179 Obertshausen

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