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    HamaManiac – crazy about Hammam towels.
    We work with Hammam towels because we love them! Their colors, their patterns, their craftsmanship and their versatility. Our Hammam towels, originally called peştemal, are exclusively hand-woven, made of 100% cotton and come from the traditional Anatolian bathing culture.
    Because our peştemals are so compact and incredibly soft, you'll always want to take them with you: the perfect companion on the beach, by the pool or in the sauna; but also a real eye-catcher as a scarf or poncho. You'll love it!


    What motivated you to become a designer?
    The HamaManiac label is inspired by our Turkish background. The opulent, Hamam-inspired towels come from a place of vitality, warmth and tradition. We celebrate our culture and want to introduce this traditional art form to a new generation of admirers.

    What does a typical day look like for you?
    Early in the morning I start the day with a coffee from the portafilter and
    I start in the office: incoming goods, orders and contracts are checked and processed. Trade fairs are planned and various organizations are coordinated. The obligatory phone call with our weavers is also scheduled daily: new patterns are designed and tested, woven and experimented with. The goods are then dispatched at midday. All in all, my daily routine consists of code switching between German, Turkish and English.

    What inspires you?
    I find inspiration everywhere: in nature, be it the blossoming cherry orchards around Ravenburg, the impressive sunsets in Freiburg or the sounds of the Turkish lute “Saz”. You just have to open your heart to gain insight.

    Contact details:
    Celik Trade- HamaManiac
    Atakan Celik
    Glue Field 35
    88273 Fronreute


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