Groovy Magnets

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    Very attractive and full of character – the Groovy Magnets!

    If you feel this irresistible, almost magical attraction, it doesn't necessarily have to be your dream woman or man - it could simply be magnetism! 

    Lies Verheyen and Pieter Claessen are the founders of the “Mazout” agency in Antwerp. As graphic designers, they have always had to deal with magnets – and with classic magnetic strips as a working and presentation tool for mood boards and more. Now the two have designed what is essentially the Magnet Board 2.0: wafer-thin magnetic wallpapers that are real eye-catchers on any wall. The iron particles contained in the vinyl base hold any type of magnet and allow you to create new moods and arrangements, whether in the home or in the office.

    14 products
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