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    Grigioverde offers a small but fine selection of outdoor planters. Frost-proof planters made of concrete and ceramic and small designer raised beds for balconies, terraces, backyards, etc. In calm colors and timeless, beautiful shapes. Made of durable materials and high-quality workmanship.

    For each container, you will receive a planting concept for a wild, lush flower bed - suitable for your location. Even in the smallest of spaces and without any previous gardening knowledge, you can create beds that are robust and easy to care for - and come back every year.

    With perennial and grass beds in pots, you can bring a completely different ambience to your terrace, balcony, garden, backyard, etc.

    You create a piece of nature - not only for yourself, but also for local bees,
    Bumblebees, butterflies and birds.

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