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    Ricky Fromme & Jo Blum combine their passion: fun in product & interior design with social responsibility, sense and madness.

    Their design should be visually and functionally convincing. However, the design label demands even more from its products: lifelong durability, regional production, fair pay, and open, honest communication without excessive purchase prices.

    This is how their current furniture series “Sweet Samurai” was created, which is meticulously handcrafted together with a small manufacturer in Bavaria.

    Various local solid woods can be combined with a heavy-duty steel frame in selectable colors and are delivered fully assembled.
    This makes the furniture series very variable, can be adapted to any living situation and, with a lot of love and good care, will provide faithful service for generations.


    Who are you?
    We are Fromme from Berlin & Blum from Munich.
    We know each other from our master's studies. After that, we each let our professional worlds get on our nerves until we finally decided to found Fromme & Blum - with the aim of only taking on projects that are fun and meaningful to us.

    Have you received any design awards? If so, which ones and for which products?
    The Lilienthal Design Prize 2005 for “Blossom” – a mixture of a mobile, functional shower cubicle and an art object that was intended to raise awareness of the conscious use of the element of water. A relic from the carefree student days.

    City of Design – Describe your favorite design city.
    No Amsterdam, Berlin or Helsinki. Our favorite design city is a feeling: A city - car-free, with cool kebab shops next to spaetzle-to-go stalls and 24-hour late-night shops on every corner - a real cultural scene with affordable living costs - free of ugly speculative towers and clumsy advertising boards.

    Contact details:

    Blum & Fromme
    Ricky Fromme & Jo Blum
    Neufertstrasse 23
    14059 Berlin


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