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    2 friends, 1 vision, 1 label, many ideas and even more passion, that is what distinguishes “Frieda Jauck” and makes it so special.

    "Frieda Jauck" is a tribute to the grandmother of the founder Tina Schiller, who awakened and supported her love of fashion and the joy of creative work as a child. With her partner Stefanie Faghani, who is responsible for the label's strategy and marketing, the two form a perfect duo.

    Tina is a designer with a very special eye for beautiful fabrics and materials that really make you feel good. This is how the label's new loungewear was created. The perfect look for the whole day, whether in a meeting, shopping, drinking coffee or just relaxing at home - always perfectly and casually dressed. That is the label's claim.

    The label uses high-quality, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified fabrics and impresses with a great wearing comfort.

    The label's unique trademark is its woven and applied ribbons. They adorn the hood of the hoodie, for example. Each collection is characterized by new color creations and combinations of the ribbons woven in Greece. The production facility in Italy was personally selected and the label is in close contact with the producer, because these personal relationships are extremely important to the founder - nothing should be left to chance.

    What motivated you to become a designer?

    The love of fabrics, shapes and colors has fascinated me since my childhood and so it was clear early on that I would follow a creative path.

    What inspires you?

    My grandmother was the one who inspired me the most. As a child, I found rummaging through her wardrobes incredibly exciting. Every dress and every costume had a story for me. She also encouraged creativity and the joy of handicrafts in me.

    What makes your products so special?

    All products must have a soft feel so that you feel comfortable in them all day, but at the same time they should also retain their shape and be stylish. I myself suffer from neurodermatitis and therefore know how it feels to wear something on your skin that you hope to take off as quickly as possible. That's why I attach great importance to the materials being certified.

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