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    Screen printing masterpieces from the FabricFabrik in 1160 Vienna

    After studying at the University of Applied Arts, artist Stephka Klaura founded FabricFabrik in 2014 and specialized in screen printing.

    The heart of the workshop, which is located in a former typical Viennese Ottakringer pub, is the approximately 10-meter-long printing table on which the unique screen-printed works of art are created. With graphically designed, artistic patterns such as Frogger, Pluvia or Digital Safari - inspired by the world of art, architecture and textiles - Stephka Klaura mainly prints fabrics in playful color variations and creates unique print graphics. In collaboration with the Viennese tailor SchnittBOGEN, she transforms the fabrics into bed linen, pajamas or bags.

    During the Corona crisis, FabricFabrik, in cooperation with SchnittBOGEN, has made it its mission to use its resources to bring some color back to people's faces with a non-profit initiative. The studio was converted to mask production, for which the printing table was in use almost day and night.

    FabricFabrik also keeps its fan community up to date with its diverse art and interior projects via social media channels (Instagram, Facebook).

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