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    The Ellenberger Design studio designs furniture that is carefully and sensitively designed and is focused on naturalness. With his products, Jannis Ellenberger creates unusual perspectives and ultimately exciting designs that are made to last a long time. For his creations, he prefers to use wood that comes from the surrounding forests and is then processed regionally in a resource-saving manner. The furniture is manufactured in close partnership with craft businesses in Upper Franconia. He has already received several design awards, including the Green Product Award for the 'Nordic Space' bed, as it combines sustainable production methods, function and beauty in one piece of furniture.

    What makes your products so special?

    Sustainable, climate-friendly production doesn't have to be boring! Ecologically sensible furniture can also be casual and cool. Our furniture is made regionally and by hand in Upper Franconia, very traditionally, but our design is still exciting.

    What is your favorite material and why?

    Well, wood, of course! It is one of the few - if managed correctly - truly sustainable raw materials that exist. (The term sustainability comes from forestry, by the way.) And it can be processed in so many incredibly diverse ways! Wood is probably mankind's oldest cultural asset, providing warmth and security, and not just as firewood. It feels good, it smells good. It's simply beautiful. Every tree grows differently, making every piece of wood unique.

    What is the best way to care for your product(s)? Is there anything you should keep in mind?

    Our Nordic Space bed, for example, is made of solid oak, which is harvested in the Spessart region. Oak is a very robust wood and we treat it with natural oil and wax. This can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. However, I find that the beauty of the wood often only becomes apparent through the patina of many years of use.

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