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    Ceramics with a Mediterranean soul – Easycotta.

    “The colour blue, from the Mediterranean, dense and matter-of-fact. The yellow of the long summer afternoons, warm and bright. And the grey, halfway between the white of the houses in Ibiza and the contemporary grey of modern buildings.” The wonderfully poetic colour collection developed especially for Easycotta ceramics, from which these colour descriptions originate, conveys a Mediterranean and at the same time urban attitude to life. The well-proportioned bowls and dishes in the collection were designed by Barcelona-based designer Jordi Clarà and can be used for starters, soufflés, desserts; for serving tapas, soups and salads. "I love it when users tell me that they use my products for something that I had never thought of before; that gives my objects a life of their own," says the designer.

    And speaking of a life of its own: ceramic is an extremely lively material that is predestined for use in the kitchen and dining room. It can retain temperatures very well, so that, for example, hot coffee in a ceramic cup stays warm for longer and cold water in a jug stays cold for longer. The rustic yet modern ceramics from Easycotta are made locally, some of them still by hand. And all this by a company that has been making ceramics for generations and extracts the raw material right on the doorstep.

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