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    e15 stands for consistent, progressive design and high-quality materials as well as innovative craftsmanship methods.

    As a modern brand serving the premium segment of the residential and contract market worldwide, e15 follows a spatially comprehensive design approach and offers a distinctive collection that can be used in a variety of environments. Strongly anchored in the fields of architecture and design, e15 is defined by the unique profiles of co-founder and architect Philipp Mainzer and designer and art director Farah Ebrahimi. In close collaboration with selected designers, architects and artists, the company develops unique products and supports artistic approaches that reflect the brand's philosophy and its open attitude towards different cultures and disciplines.

    Named after the postcode of the first studio in London, e15 was founded in London in 1995. A radical, new simplicity marked the debut of the first collection, which significantly influenced the development of modern design. With reduced forms that deliberately reveal and underline all the natural characteristics of the material, e15 created a reputation for itself as a pioneer in the use of solid wood in its purest form. This design language is recognizable in the design classics, the BIGFOOT™ table and the BACKENZAHN™ stool.

    From its headquarters in Frankfurt, e15 maintains a global dealer network with over 600 partners as well as flagship showrooms in Frankfurt and Milan. In addition to the collection of furniture, lighting and accessories, e15 works with the PHILIPP MAINZER OFFICE FOR ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN in the areas of interior design and architecture and realizes projects worldwide.

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