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    DOT ON – makes the world a little more sticky.

    It all began with the pressing question: "How do we get all the appointments that our jobs, children and hobbies bring with them neatly sorted? And how can we pack functionality, clarity and flexibility into an attractive appearance?" This is how the founders of DOT ON describe the original idea behind their unique annual calendar. With a lot of tinkering, a product was created that impresses with its strong concept and good design: With the graphic calendars in black and white and the corresponding colorful sticky dots, there are endless possibilities for structuring your day, week and even the whole year and thus always keeping an overview. And the planner also looks sensationally good. The Dot on calendars are laminated with matt film and are therefore uncomplicated and easy to care for. Made of high-quality material and manufactured locally, they rightly bear the "Made in Germany" seal. With this in mind: stick something unusual!

    Three questions for DOT ON:

    What motivated you to become a designer?

    This came about from the idea. In 2010, we wanted to design a calendar that would allow for more flexible and individual planning. This is how our dot on wall planner was created. The result was the founding of our label.

    What makes your products so special?

    We offer cleverly thought-out and high-quality design products. With endless possibilities and even more colorful adhesive dots.

    Who is your role model?

    We like strong women who go their own way and have their own opinions.

    33 products
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