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    What motivated you to become a designer?
    DP: The joy people feel when they receive something as a gift or enjoy our creative ideas

    What is your favorite piece in your home?
    DP: An astronaut who lost his head and I converted it into a flowerpot for cat grass. So I'm not the only one who can enjoy the little astronaut at home.

    How can one imagine your studio/workshop?
    DP: We have creative spaces, with many patterns and product ideas that are still being created, as well as two showrooms with the old and current collection

    Do you think everyone is a designer in some way? Yes/No – Why?
    DP: Yes! Every person who creates something is a designer, whether it's decorating their home or painting their walls. The moment you indulge your creativity and put it into practice, you are a designer in my eyes.

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