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    Wood, glass and porcelain. The original concept that will entertain you. This also includes the creation of the Czech brand Clap Design, which offers playful, handmade accessories not only for the kitchen. Will delight all lovers of coffee, small snacks and breakfast. The Clap Design range consists of a variety of products, the most common variants of which are coffee sets. They include a hand-blown glass cup or a porcelain mug, a handmade wooden tray and a magnificent spoon that always stays where it should.

    The designers of Clap Design add magnets that are not visible and take a lot of work. The trick with the magnet is also used in other pieces, led by an untraditional square egg stand and several "breakfast" sets. The Clap Design studio, formed by Vaclav Cajanek and Lukas Pejchal, takes on the combination of humor and stylish design. In addition, a lot of emphasis is placed on the quality of the materials used.

    Everything made of wood is made of Bohemian wood and with the utmost respect for nature and every tree that falls. The glass parts are supplied by the Austrian company bloomix, which specializes in hand-blown double-walled tableware. Thanks to this, the drink keeps its temperature much longer, whether it is cold or hot. The porcelain comes from the TABLO studio, where young Czech designers continue the traditions of this typically Czech material. When designing some products, they work with the studio of Jiri Pelcl, a renowned Czech designer.

    What inspires you?
    Other great works. Simple and smart design.

    How did you feel when you produced your first product?
    Excited, but all the positive feedback and the sparkle in the customers' eyes is the best moment of the whole process.

    What does a normal working day look like?
    Administration, packing e-shop products, appointments and phone calls with Vaclav from production. And yes, at night, when everyone is asleep, some new ideas for products come.

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