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    What motivated you to become a designer?
    My love of design in combination and fascination with complex structures led me to architecture. I worked as an architect for more than ten years when I began to long for a more tactile and slower design process. I set up my leather studio and began to explore designing smaller, personal objects, which led to the accessories brand Eduards Accessoires Sweden.

    What inspires you?
    My inspiration comes from music, urban structures and the nature that surrounds us. As an architect, I am fascinated by natural materials, the texture, how they age and become more beautiful with use.

    City of Design - Which is your favorite city?
    I love London. It is a city of contrasts and everyday life and I am fascinated by how many cultural movements in music, art and fashion started there. As an architect, I love seeing the mix of buildings and how modern and old structures live side by side.

    Contact details:

    Eduards Accessories Sweden
    Cecilia Edwards
    Tolvskillingsgatan 14a
    414 82 Gothenburg

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