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    Candle Hand is a young company from Lithuania. The creative team produces unique candles with hand gestures.
    Before Candle Hand candles reach customers, they go through a long, creative process. Every little detail visible on the candles reflects the intricate work of Candle Hand. Each product is 100% handmade.
    Distributed by Connectrade:
    Connectrade is a young, modern trading company based in Switzerland. Connectrade brings unique products from talented, up-and-coming brands from all over the world to a design-savvy audience. Connectrade impresses with a diverse range that never ceases to surprise customers. The small team behind the company consists of a colorful mix of design lovers and creatives who look for new, great brands around the world.
    Contact details:
    Connectrade GmbH
    Mühlemoos 3
    CH-8863 Buttikon
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