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    The BOTTA Design label stands for technical design with the highest standards. The philosophy of the founder Klaus Botta is "complicated is simple - simple is difficult". He has summed this up with his watches. As early as 1986, he developed the first single-hand wristwatch that shows the time over the course of a day with just one hand. Before developing a product, the questions "Why does this product exist?" and "How can it be optimized?" are paramount. The designer, who first studied technical physics and then product design and industrial design, has already received numerous design awards for his creations. His products, which are reduced to the essentials in terms of design and thus skilfully underline the simplified display principle, should above all be logical and intuitive to use.

    It is only consistent and honest that BOTTA Design also sets the highest standards when it comes to the quality of the material and workmanship. Klaus Botta and his design office create timeless wristwatches that are made to last forever and are not based on short-lived trends. Rather, they are aimed at the future and represent a new way of dealing with time. BOTTA watches teach you serenity, because reading the time down to the minute and second is a thing of the past. They can help you find a more relaxed way of dealing with time and give each individual wearer more autonomy. It is therefore no wonder that BOTTA Design watches are exhibited in many well-known museums around the world.


    What does “good design” mean to you?

    Good design is always intelligent, tailor-made. Ideally, it is thought out from scratch. Simple and thoroughly logical. Long-lasting – in terms of materials and design.

    How did you feel when you held your first finished product in your hands?
    Of course, I was very proud that from now on so many people could choose a product that I had designed.

    Design in nature - what is perfect in form and function for you?

    There are many examples, especially in the area of ​​bionics. What I love about nature is that you can see its "products" enlarged as much as you want. They remain perfect - or become even more fascinating the more you enlarge them. Man-made structures, on the other hand, seem primitive as soon as you look at the macrostructure.

    What is your favorite piece in your home?
    I have many favorite pieces. One of them is one I developed myself: our UNO wall clock. The 50 cm disc radiates a very pleasant sense of calm - and also shows the time very confidently.

    Have you received any design awards? If so, which ones and for which products?

    That will be difficult: there are now over 60 in total. Red Dot, iF, Good Design Award, award as one of the best German design offices and many others. For technical devices and wristwatches.

    BOTTA design, Klaus Botta
    Anke Botta
    Klosterstr. 15a
    61462 Koenigstein / DE


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