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    Portrait of the designer Alexander Wilhelm von Betolz

    Who are you?

    Alexander Wilhelm, founder of Betolz

    What inspires you?

    Be it nature, other designers or the misuse of existing products.

    What is your favorite piece in your home?

    Our cantilever staircase, designed and implemented by myself. I designed our entire house around this staircase.

    Tell us something about your professional career.

    I trained as a technical draftsman for wood technology. However, that only involves implementing other people's ideas. I then studied mechanical engineering and have been working as a test engineer for vehicle safety for years. This work is extremely interesting and very complex, but too uncreative. That's what prompted me to turn my hobby into saleable products.

    Contact details:

    Lindenstr. 24
    DE-63594 Hasselroth

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